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to city hall. >> all you heard was a car. my mom started running towards me. >> it happened in the blink of an eye. how a mother may have saved her son's life by risking her own on his birthday. >> and why one bay area police department is encouraging its officers to come out of the closet. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm dana king. it's an unprecedented decision for the board of supervisors. what to do with an embattled sheriff. cbs 5 reporter, linda yee is live at city hall where supervie supervisors are meeting right now. >> making a statement, they just started doing that within the last 20 minutes. so we're getting a sense of how they are going to vote when they actually take that vote, which i'm sure now, will be coming in the next half hour or so. now the public testimony went on for seven hours. more than 100 people lined up to make their cases before the board. most of those speakers were supporters of ross mirkarimi. earlier, mirkarimi and his wife were at a rally. they also brought their child. they had this to say before the hearing started. >> we are here to
and civic order ends in disorder. what's next after another wild night at oakland city hall. and on the eve of obama, romney, round one. which candidates can claim the highest television rattings and which vp candidate gets honorable mention? i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm dana king. there has been a huge spike in the gas pump and it happened overnight. kit doe on the reasons why gas stations are pushing a 10 to 30- cent jump. fill her up, kit. >> reporter: dana, in a simple supply, demand economics. a number of refineries shut down for a various number of reasons. one of which is the heat. >> the record heat that has been sweeping was apparently too much for the power grid in southern california. the exxon mobile refinery shut down yesterday after the facility lost power. says the heat caused a transformer at a nearby substation to malfunction. combine that with the refinery in richmond, and you have yet another perfect storm for high gas prices. the wholesale cost shot up $1.06 in one week. by friday, retail prices could spike 30 cents. if it keeps up, station owners will hav
to america's busiest city being brought to' standstill. sandy has left her mark on the east coast. millions are spending another night without power. >> reporter: tonight officials are asking the public for patience as the work begins of preparing the damage from sandy. among the top priorities, restoring electricity and getting mass transit back on track. hurricane sandy hit new jersey's long beach island hard. homes in the beach front town were flooded or destroyed. boat littered the streets. >> we'll assess the damages and rebuild. that's way it works in new jersey. >> reporter: new york city was crippled bit storm. subway and traffic tunnels were filled with salt water. no word on when the city's famous subway service will resume. an entire community burned to the ground in queens as hurricane-force winds spread flames from house to house. for a second manhattan is a tale of two cities. one of many destructive aftermaths of sandy's rampage. bullpen the disaster is also bringing out the best in people. the restaurant lost power, instead of letting the food go bad he cooked it up engave i
after the police tore down their tent city. >> we call came together to do stuff to help the community and the world the city spent almost one hundred thousand dollars to reseed and clean up the plaza and the mayor says she will not allow any occupation police follow the marchers and repeated warnings to them. some 200 officers were in riot gear. flyers were posted saying they will attack anyone who uses the rally to destroy the city. . >> we had infill traitors that infiltrated us and -- there you have it. take back to the strike. you have to be aware of your surroundings and know that not everyone is there with the same message. >> at least one resident says he's had enough of these occupy rallies. >> i'm troubled that 85% of these people don't live here coming into our city, depleting our resources. they're tearing uptown hall, our taun center and depleting resources by having the police down here to police these people. they need to go home. >> police just reported one incident of violence, one masked marcher through -- threw a rock at a police officer, no one was hurt but tha
. >> and the governor of new york is ordering a halt to all public transit is in new york city tonight at 7:00. the storm could affect more than 50 million people. the bridges and tunnels will also be shut down. susan mcginnis is live on the coast of delaware and susan. the winds have looked to have picked up in just the last hour. >> reporter: it certainly has ann and phil. the winds have picked up over the past several hours. we have been out here for nine hours and the intensity is increasing. the rain and tides. you can see how big the waves are compared to what we showed you yesterday. the waves are crashing closer in and it is hard to believe the brunt of the storm is still more than a day away. driving rain from hurricane sandy is coming in this morning. but officials are not expecting major damage. >> the track has improved in our favor here. >> reporter: bulldozers, and residents, are piling up the sand along if jersey shore. millions are bracing for hurricane sandy, a massive storm that is taking aim at the most densely populated region of the us. >> really the first time a hu
. >> one got it on the back of our network. >> an annoying annual event. the city dealing with an aggressive invasion. >>> good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> we begin with breaking news on the bay bridge tonight. a car fire on the eastbound approach to the bridge has closed three lanes eastbound. traffic is getting by, but moving very slowly. it happened just about a half hour ago near freemont street. the exit there. at one point the car was fully engulfed, but the flames are out now and just a lot of backed up traffic trying to get out of the city. >>> not just rising fast, the average price for a gallon of gasoline in california, $4.32. that's after going up 9 cents overnight. and as cbs 5 reporter shows us some gas stations are running low. >> reporter: it is worse in than some of the analysts have predicted. at this chevron people were complaining about a 20-cent jump overnight on tuesday. since that time it's gone up another 40 cents. some stations themselves are running on empty. refinery has begun. several costcos have locked up pumps after running out of gas. >>
mother in the hospital after a car slammed into them in a daily city church parking lot. happened at the saint andrew catholic church around 9:00. the little girl who later died at the hospital was at the church for saturday school. >> when the class is over, kids are coming out maybe 40 or 50 kids in this building over here. >> there's a lot of traffic. >> not much in the way of traffic. just a bunch of kids coming out. >> the girl's mother and another woman are recovering at the hospital with life threatening injuries. the woman behind the wheel stayed at the scene after the crash. she has not been charged. >> east palo alto detectives are -- police say 21-year-old christopher baker was found wounded on 820 last night. three hours later, 24-year-old brown with multiple shots to his body. both victims died at the scene. >> traffic didn't appear to be a major issue during this weekend in the bay area. big events in san francisco is bringing an estimated 1 million people to the city. one of those spectacles the giant's first playoff game of the year. joins us now with an update as
. that includes the big cities of baltimore, new york city, philadelphia, highly populated new jersey somewhere in there will be dealing with likely 40 to 70-mile per hour wind gust at a minimum. that means widely -- slow moving storm. widespread rain fall of half a foot to a foot of rain. that's going to cause big problems. all of this will likely happen at lunar high tide. that's a big problem from beach erosion tide with the full moon are higher than normal now you've got all this water slamming. bottom like big problems the top of next week for much of the east coast due to hurricane sandy. >> investigators are waiting to talk to new york nanny accused of killing two children. she's in a medically induced coma after slitting her own risk when the mother of the kids came home to grew some discovery. sharon chen with people who knew the family that once lived in the bay area. >> lauren reed lived next door to the family in the valley before they moved to new york two years ago. she can't believe two of the three children are gone. >> they were always little kiddied pool out in the backyard. i
are in the dark as sandy slams the nation's east coast. this is a live look at new york city hit hard by the drenching storm. sandy is no longer classified as a hurricane, but her punch is practically still strong. >> reporter: about three hours ago i would have been stand investigate hudson river, the powerful storm surge caused the waters of the hudson to overflow the sea wall, come into this park and out into the streets of new york. waters have receded, but the danger is far from over. sandy brought on shore south of -- roared ashore south of new jersey early monday morning, packing sustained winds of 80 miles an hour with gusts over 100. the storm blew out windows and flooded streets up and down the east coast. tearing up atlantic city's famous board walk. the storm cut electricity to more than 200 million storms and businesses. this is video of the power substation exploding in new york. >> we knew it would be a very dangerous storm and the storm has met our expectations. >> reporter: new york city is all, but shut down. the powerful storm surge from hurricane sandy pushed the w
a political action committee which is controlled by san jose mayor chuck reid. the city's police officer's association complained that the donation to the -- about the donation to the california fair political practices commission. >> we reissued the letter support to rossett few weeks ago calling for her to repudiate and disa vow the money from the mayor's committee to the committee supporting re-election. even today they're out together coordinating campaigns, walking door-to-door. they continue to flaw the law and it needs to stop. >> mayor reid said he did nothing wrong because the law only prevents transfer of funds from one candidate to another and he is not a candidate. herrera is seeking her second term in district 8 and she's facing a challenge. >>> all's clear after a hazmat incident picked several people out of their homes last night in san francisco. crews evacuated a whole block around 7:30 on powell street between green and vallejo in north beach. the police responded to a call and apparent suicide. emergency responders smelled chemicals when they got there. 15 people insid
'm grace lee, cbs 5. >>> hundreds filled san francisco city hall today to honor chris stevens. the bay area native was one of four americans killed in last month's terror attack in libya. rine da ye on his friends and families final good-byes. >> family and friends, diplomats, and a senator, they join together to celebrate the life of chris stevens. his younger sister remembered how she was the target of his pranks. >> i saw the magic through his eyes. >> steven's death last month has become a political issue in the presidential race and an embarrassment for the libyan government. >> i'm sorry. we sent you one of our best diplomats, but not be able to protect you. >> he was interested in the lives of the libyan people. thomas pickerring recalled a story before stevens became ambassador. >> he was being trailed by the security men who are obviously very spitted tay other tourists. he reached over to one of the men, stole his cameras of the men that were following him. they were so dumbfounded that they had to loof. after a quick conversation, chris continues them to stand down. >> the
was lucky. some people in our city who are victims of crime who are not lucky. >> how one local candidate found himself face to face with a campaign issue. >> the tokyo business that is bringing couples together for a couple of minutes. stit's not what you think. >> our boys with their backs against the wall. we're live in st. louis with the outcome of game three and what has to happen next. been a >>> new at 10:00, the head of oakland's port commission has been placed on paid leave over a strip club controversy. the executive director omar benjamin has been ordered to step down during an investigation into the reimbursement policy. it came to light that james kwan spent more than $4500 in public funds at a texas strip club back in 2008. no word on his fate. the commission says it's taking the matter very seriously and has hired an international law firm in san francisco to help with the investigation. >> he had just left a meeting on crime when an oakland city council candidate found himself face to face with a gunman. cbs 5 reporter joe vasquez on the armed robbery. >> had the phone wit
evidence was found in his car. >>> a san francisco city worker is recovering after being stabbed on muni. a bus was at hayes and market when a passenger got in a fight with the driver. a city worker intervened and was stabbed with scissors. >>> police are looking for the man who may have fired at police and crashed into a cab trying to flee. the only evidence left at the scene were dozens of cd by an oakland rap musician. a passenger was arrested. the cabdriver was not seriously hurt. >>> san jose police arrested one of their own. charged with grand theft as part of a nine month internal investigation into time sheet fraud. he's been placed on paid leave. >>> the political cease-fire didn't last long, after playing nice last night todd the can -- today the candidates were back it. the president using terms like "sketchy." >> today romney hit back. >> he's changing up so much and backtracking and side stepping, we have to name this condition he's going through. i think, i think it's called romnesia. >> the president accused romney of switching positions on abortion, tax cut and energy pro
-line ticket market is seeing more demand this time around than two years ago. the city's visitors and convention bureau estimate the world series will bring in millions of dollars for local businesses. restaurant owner, chef, and giants fan, pamela ma zola celebrates with a special on extra. >> -- entree. >> we're doing a venetian black rice with colors. i think anytime you can keep people using public transportation and walking and, you know, going by the businesses, i think it's great. >> reporter: and about that special dish? >> home run. >> thank you. >> reporter: random buildings around the city are bathed in orange lights, including the fair month hotel, which transformed in giants decor inside and out, including an orange carpet for guests. was for a special invitation only party tonight for giants corporate sponsors. there are about 17,000 tickets available for tomorrow's game on-line, and about 19,000 tickets available for game 2, but they're all going to be very expensive, and dana, the high itself price i saw of a ticket sold was $4,000 for section 121 been that's rig
and aggravation. >> reporter: would you thought have driving into the city today >> not at all >> reporter: most people heard don't drive to san francisco this weekend weekend. hundreds of thousands opted for public transit. 319484 road yesterday. the old record was under 288,000. the average for saturday's this year, 202,000. >> that means more money for us to invest in a new system. >> reporter: speaking of money this,'s another reason to stay out of the car >> for the price of the gas >> reporter: also hitting new record highs this weekend, what better way to takecal train? others traded traffic for a boat. >> rerelaxed on a ferryboat. >> reporter: those who chose to drive to the city paid for parking and prices were jacked up for the weekend. >> we walking. >> reporter: this couple paid the paper. near the ballpark we found parking up to $80. for hundreds of thousands, not parking was the easiest way to go. >> checking headlines. san francisco new catholic arch bishop received a warm welcome today. this was
extra people are expected to flood the city. this is a live look. it is peaceful right now and it will be a different story tomorrow with a bunch of events going on. cbs 5 reporter, alyssa harrington on some of the problem areas to avoid. >> fleet week air show. america's cup races, 49ers, and giants games. a few of the events happening in san francisco this jam packed weekend. >> we expect 1 million to come into the city to attend these events. there will be severe impacts to traffic. >> and almost nowhere is off limits. chp officer breaks down some of the problem areas describes might face. >> it will be a commute traffic heavy, but it could be worse than that. >> with traffic expected to go all the way back to the meze, the fremont exits expected to add to the backup. the interchange, especially sunday before the had theres game approaching candle stick. and offramps. >> see the right lanes get blocked? we have seen people try to drive on the shoulder. >> things won't get much easier inside the city. >> it's going be stumbling for anyone who wants to drive. once
live outside of san jose, they would spend the extra income outside the city. >> if you add it up, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. >> mayor chuck reid is worried about spending $600,000 to hire inspectors. >> it will have to come from somewhere. should i take it from the police department? should i take it from the library? >> the california restaurant association paid $11,000 for the report. the main author denied any charges of bias. >> because people often come to these things with some preconceived notions. we do not. we come at it with a relatively sturdy frame work on how the world works. >> a gathering of labor and education leaders blasted the chamber's report just before it released. >> they'll put together one study that says minimum wage doesn't work. explain exactly why it's good for the people in our community. >> the chamber argues america's best university economists are wrong, but the study that they bought and paid for is the only one that is right. >> the doomsday scenario set the opponents of this measure put out there are just empty threats. the f
. >> the prisons are miniature cities just like any other city. you've got trucks and people coming in all day long. and there's a million ways for the inmates to figure out how to get this stuff in. >> reporter: officials say they're working on special towers that will only allow cellphone signals from approved phones. they expect to have them in all prisons by 2015. >>> it has been a closely guarded secret for years. the locations of google's data centers, containing highly sensitive information about all of us. for the first and only time, google is giving us a look inside. >> reporter: with all the security, you'd think this splays housing something extremely valuable. it is. your private information. this google data center in north carolina is one of 12 facilities spread throughout the world. when you enter a search, the request gets routed here, the networking room, then it's directed to the server floor. critical data spends time here where they can be accessed by robots. >> it's amazing how all of this works. >> reporter: google has taken a hid hit in recent years because the data centers
country. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman with the giants' fandom in the motor city. you having fun? >> reporter: it's a ball here. how you -- i'm watching the giants win. i mean come on. but i was listening to vern talk about how quiet it was underneath the stands. i was in the stands and i was going to say the same thing. there's nothing more depressing than sitting with 40,000 people who had the wind knocked out of them. except for a few hundred fans who are san francisco giants' fans. >> best pitcher. >> reporter: this was a win for the giants and a giant win. >> i'm thinking a sweep. let's take care of this tomorrow night. get overt with. let's go home -- it over with. go home to san francisco and party. >> an easy sweep. >> they lost. >> they lost. >> they lost. it was embarrassing. >> reporter: not the kind of baseball weather giants fans are used to but a lead the games keeps them warm. not that the fans at no time make themselves at home -- didn't peak themselves at home -- make themselves at home anyway. in a sea of blue and orange comes a stripe of a different color. oran
sandy. flights canceled to major east coast cities including boston, new york, newark, philadelphia, and washington, d.c. ken is trying to get home to boston. >> i came out here for work and we were planning to go back after the weekend and we actually kind of got stranded. >> reporter: you'll have to spend another night in the bay area? >> yeah, spend more money out of pocket, i guess. >> reporter: at united airlines, the special line was set up to help those who need to be rebooked. nika albert was trying to get home by maine flying first to newark, now she's going to detour to seattle to stay with her friend and wait out the storm. >> yeah, i will be okay when i get back there, but life is different here than it is back in maine. just a little bit. it is a little scary. >> reporter: a little stressful? >> oh yeah, absolutely, yeah. >> reporter: but others have less pressing issues. joe was heading to new york for a vacation, but is taking it all in stride. you don't seem too upset or anything. >> it happens, but i'm glad i'm not going to be stuck down there. >> reporter: a lit
that the store is bringing into the city, it is also bringing close to 500 jobs for you and some stiff competition at the stores on the streets here. >> reporter: the chances are you have seen the advertisements. >> and i have seen them like, you know, in every corner of the street. >> reporter: or the high- profile endorsement and wondered what is all the buzz? >> at first they were promoting sushi. >> reporter: no, not fish, fashion. and in just four days, this construction zone will be transformed into long lines, as thousands are anticipated to wait for hours for the opening of uniclow. >> the largest retailer, but this will be a very first start of the west coast in the united states. >> reporter: it started in japan and quickly grew to be a worldwide phenomenon. >> we are a brand that is designed for everyone. regardless of your income, regardless of your investment, your ethnicity, you should be able to find something here. >> reporter: and it just recently made a flash in the states with four stores in new york and new jersey. now, san francisco. >> this really is the hot view
, the north half of the beach. 63 degrees and in daly city, 61 and in to the city, 62 and ahead, looking for temperatures to recoverer to near 80 degrees by next weekend and in the meantime, the low pressure is going to keep us school by now and wednesday. tuesday night, wednesday, if it gets wet, you heard it here first, i hope. and near the coast line, the numbers in the low 60s. next weekend, though, saturday and into the low 80s. and this is supposed to be good weather this time of the year. if you define good weather, sunshine and warm readings, not everyone does. >> okay. >> you're right about that. >> and that is naive. >> last week, it looked the same out there and colder. >> two things first. when i think of you, i didn't think 90 degrees. >> i was going to point that out. the first time -- and call himself naive. >> yeah. >> and with lower pressures in the atmosphere. high pressure, you sweat it out. low pressurers -- lower pressures, relatively cool. >>> raw unprocessed food, if they contain genetically modified organism. >> we asked stacy of the yes -- yes on prop 37 campaign
. but could they turn that into an american league pennant? a boost this city could really use. >> i think it is good news for the city. >> for a team that the mayor described as underdogs. >> they get a bad rap. they are under funded. >> not so different from the city itself. >> people count us out and we surprise people. >> with the team scoreless into the late innings, another surprise is what a's fans were rooting for most. >> let's hope we slaughter them. >> it took one second. >> okay, and the ending score there, 6-0. there was a slaughter. it was the oakland athletics, but fans are excited here tonight, still optimistic. live in oakland, cbs 5. >> a swing and a miss and romo strikes out rowan. the san francisco -- the first two ever in division play of the national league. >> it was torture, but the giants made history today in the national league division series. giants are the first ever nl to win the division by being down by two games. they are the first team in major league history to do it on the road. the center piece of the 6-4 win over cincinnati, mr. buster posey
in the city's melrose district. this is the fourth time since 2008 that the city has seen more than 100 homicides. four this year have been deemed justifiable homicides, including a fatal police shooting. >>> his alleged crimes have made him legendary. but tonight a morin county teenager is headed to trial for stealing a celebrity chef's lambo. ann notarangelo has more on why he's facing even more serious charges. >> today has nothing to do with the guilt or innocence of my client. >> reporter: his attorney admits he's a bit disappointed that his client's case is moving towards trial. he says that the young man is holding up. >> it's an extraordinarily amount of pressure to be on an 18-year-old. most 18-year-olds are, you know, thinking about where they are going to eat lunch. >> reporter: he's accused of shooting into a pickup truck last spring while two other teens ducked for cover. the prosecution claimed that he was jealous of their relationship. the defense says that's not been proven. but the media coverage has focused with a big role in the march 2011 car heist at a san francisco
's! here's what we can expect at the bus stop tomorrow, 51 for napa, and red wood city, 53 degrees. interesting because the cool weather-maker, if you will, is a stronger onshore flow wrapping around an area of fro to our west. it moved, we have the onshore flow, we're degree to have cloudy mornings and kangaroo afternoons. then the weekend comes. and the same low pressure area is sitting over the top ever us. we're going to get down-right chilly! we'll stay dry for the weekend, but it will be cooler. union city, a high of only 70 tomorrow. 78 for walnut creek, dublin and pleasanton in the upper 70s with sunshine tomorrow. petaluma, 73, santa rosa, only 73. and san francisco 63 degrees. extended forecast, cooler this weekend, upper 60s near the bay, upper 70s inland, and that chance of rain is for next monday and tuesday. >>> who is the a's' text opponent? we've got the answer. and we're going to take you back inside the clubhouse! ♪ [ man ] when i'm in my zone... every move i make is a statement... ♪ ...that inspires me to make my mark. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new lexus
remains belonged to a child between the ages of 5-14. as consumed san francisco city hall for months is finally over. ross mirkarimi is back on the jos sheriff. "i look forward to working h y attorney and >>> the melodrama that has consumed san francisco city hall for months is over. ross mirkarimi is back on the job. >> i look forward to working with the mayor, the attorney, and district attorney. >> the board of supervisors voted against mayor edlee who want lee who wanted him permanently removed. >> we're questioning his ability to deal with domestic violence matters during the period of time where he is on probation for committing the same type of crime. >> he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment during an argument with his wife on new year's eve. he is disappointed with the vote's outcome. >>> protestors in the castro. the group homes not jails occupied a vacant building as part of world homeless day. police in riot gear cleared them out. 20 of the protestors are now occupying the jail cell. >>> a chp officer's 200-pound grave stone is missing. john pedro
. >> the city has thrown its hard work officers, while trying to protect the citizens. >> there is talk that all this self-policing is merely meant to impress a federal judge who will hear arguments come december about whether to turn the oakland police department over to federal control. we asked the mayor about that. she said that's nonsense. live in oakland, cbs 5. >> and checking bay area headlines now, murder charges will be filed against the couple linked to a california crime spree. including the murder of a retired bay area teacher. >>> police arrested darnell and tonya washington in washington state. they were driving the car stolen from the home of susie who was killed last weekend. police say that the arrest bring an end to a crime spree that includes jailbreak in san bernardino county and a wounded sheriff deputy in los angeles. >>> an early morning fire gutted one of san francisco's popular hangout spots. firefighters spent 11 hours battling the blaze that ripped through the restaurant in the west portal neighborhood. two other businesses were also damaged. the mayor ed le
the middle of the city street in los angeles. >> reporter: as soon as the shuttle endeavour appeared along neighborhood streets, the excitement erupted. >> it's really awesome, and i'm kind of, like, oh my god! >> right there! the wing is so close, the authorities were actually pushing back onlookers who were trying to reach out and touch it. >> reporter: you can see balconies filled with people reaching out. but while the closest may be thrilling for these onlookers, it also presented challenges. the shuttles wing got stuck behind this tree and needed to do a reverse maneuver to go around it. minutes before the shuttles arrival, street signs were moved, trees were clipped, and peer lines repositioned, but with inches to compare, the shuttle managed to squeeze on by. >> oh, that's wonderful! missedmiss the pole by an inch. >> reporter: this is the last out of this world story this shuttle will ever tell. >> here is a prime example of just how tight the move is. look carefully at this photo. that's the underside of endeavour's wing, and you can see the end of the wing is just inches from
. bring your own bag or it will cost you. starting tomorrow, a city-wide ordinance that is banning the use of plastic bags will go into effect on all super markets. if you don't have a bag, they will be charged $0.10 for every paper bag you need. >> i think that we should pay for the damage that we're doing out there in the environment. and you know if we can just have that two-second thought of saying okay, i've got a bag that i can reuse and that's great. >> every year more than 1 million plastic bags are pulled from the bay area water ways according to the environmental group save the day. >>> gay right activists are expected to protest the insulation of the new archbishop this week. he'll take over the position this thursday. he was a key force behind prop 8 that banned gay marriage throughout the state. but the parishioners say that he will be welcomed at most holy redeemer catholic church in the district here. >> hope any, you know, by attending services here that he will see how important this church is. there are a lot of elements which will hold that position and a place like this
't that good down the south bay, however, where it could be a lot longer before the city of san jose experience is in the economic benefits from another national hockey league season. the player lockout is now nearly a-month-old for the league. negotiations between the owners and player's association may start up again tuesday. the two sides did negotiate last week but only focused on secondary issues like drug testing and not on the real issue on thousand to divide the money brought in. the nhl has canceled all games until october 24th, including the entire pre-season and the first three days of regular season as well. >>> 8:38 now. well, not as slow as watching paint dry, but much more fascinating. >> just ahead, the space shuttle endeavour, the latest on the spacecraft's grand tour of los angeles. >> and women in the bay area on the run. the cause that got them out as we speak. >> and good for them. as we start out with foggy skies and fog in the bay area, and where they go from there will be the subject of the weather when we come back after the break. miles above earth, ho
. then the final stretch along martin luther king boulevard. in a city where three days of street closures are as welcome as bad rash, remarkedly, la seemed to unite over this one endeavor. >> it's final mission is now complete. >>> gas prices in california are still high, but they are coming down a bit. here's a look at the court average. it's 4-point -- current average. 4.56 in san jose. gas buddy says these are 5 cents cheaper than a week ago. >> no matter where you fill up, it is going to cost you. the courts may decide where fuel prices go next. >> reporter: when it comes to the gas price roller coaster california is always riding high. >> i just think it's a rip-off. >> experts warn it could get worse. the state's low carbon fuel standard forces fewer producers to lower the carbon intensity ten% by 2020. >> they can do so by adding ethanol, but supplies are tight, which would make it more expensive to produce. >> oil is actually cheap. >> reporter: he studies biofuel feasibility. >> you have to break that down and that's a far more complicated energy intensive process to essentially
a donation to a san jose city council is illegal and must be returned. the $100,000 donation to the campaign came from a political action committee or pack controlled by mayor chuck reed. the police officer's association complained about donation to the california fair political practices commission. >> we've reissued the letter we sent a week ago calling for her to diseval the illegal transfer of money to a committee that's supporting re-election. today, they are out together coordinating campaigns, walking door to door. they continue to flop the law and needs to stop. >> the mayor reed says he did nothing wrong. only forbids transfer of funds from one candidate to another and he was not a candidate. >>> this year's presidential campaign was a billion dollars. in seclusion preparing for next debate on monday. the vice presidential contenders were on the attack. >> i don't blame that baby for crying. that baby knows what's in store for him or her if romney wins. >> in florida the vice presidential pulled out greatest hits as he delivered a montage of campaign attacks. >> the president has a
for the game, excited for their city. they are all on their cell phones right now, dana, trying to get tickets for wednesday's game. [ cheering ] >> wow, we're going to let you go so you don't get squished by the crowd. we'll talk to you at 11:00, thank you. >>> all right, we can't be sure, but people there tell us that there was champagne falling from the sky. it was not rain, it was champagne. >> wow, they loved it too. look at that, they loved it. they let them play to the end, but they show us what the radar looks like with all the champagne coming up. >> it was cay i. the 9th inning, it would be the end of the giant's victory, but they had to play it out. look at the radar and where the rain was right over downtown san francisco at at&t park. it wasn't anywhere to the north or the south. just right over the stadium as that game ended. and as they mentioned before, kind of like champagne coming before the heaven. take a look at the radar because the game is over, but the rain is not. let me show you the rain and which spots are getting soaked. i'm happy to report that it's not at at&t park
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